International Online Mini Retreat

International Online Mini Retreat

Le cours commence
Vendredi 24 mars 2023, 18:00
Le cours se termine
Samedi 25 mars 2023, 18:00

Experience the benefits of Acem's retreats from the comfort of your home.

Who is this retreat for?

  • You have learned Acem Meditation
  • You might need help to establish a good meditation habit
  • You want to reconnect to your meditation
  • You are curious about what longer meditations can offer
  • You might have a life situation where this short format fits better

What you get from participating

  • Fresh inspiration for you daily meditations
  • Renewed contact with your meditation
  • Experience with longer meditations
  • Contact with other meditators around the world

Preliminary program

Might be subject to changes. NB: Times in CET


1800 - 1845 Welcome: Who are we and how to do this (online)
1900 - 2030 Time for meditation (at home)
2045 - 2130 Guidance groups (online)
2130 - 2200 Q&A and open social room (online, optional)


0800 - 0845 Morning yoga - optional (online)
0900 - 1200 Time for meditation (at home)
1200 - 1245 Lunch (at home, online optional)
1245 - 1415 Guidance groups (online)
1415 - 1500 Take a walk (at home)
1500 - 1600 Seminar (online)
1615 - 1715 Meditation (at home) 
1720 - 1800 Summary in break-out-rooms & goodbye for now

Le cours commence
Vendredi 24 mars 2023, 18:00
Le cours se termine
Samedi 25 mars 2023, 18:00
  • Times are in CET
  • Course language is English
  • More instructions and a zoom link to the retreat will be distributed one week on beforehand.

Type de cours: Weekend Retreats

Le cours est organisé par Acem International School of Meditation


Turid Berg-Nielsen

Head of Acem Germany. Professor of Psychology at the University of Trondheim.

Christopher Grøndahl

Romancier et scénariste. Instructeur en méditation Acem depuis 1992.

Monika Wirkkala

Head of Talent Attraction Unit, The Swedish Institute. Initiator in Acem.

What do the participants say?

Catriona Lanza, Pastor

Catriona Lanza

I was not at all sure how it would be to attend a retreat online but decided to give it a try. From the beginning welcome and small group introductions I knew I had made the right choice. There was trust and a sense of community that developed almost immediately, which I think is quite unusual. 

I appreciated the regular guidance throughout, which really helped me gain a better understanding of the technique and process. And it was so helpful to learn through the experience of other meditators too. 

The benefits of the retreat stayed with me for some time afterwards! I look forward to online Acem retreats being a regular part of my life schedule and meditation. And online retreats have the added advantage of no airfare or packing or suitcase required.