9-day Advanced Deepening Retreat

9-day Advanced Deepening Retreat

Le cours commence
Vendredi 22 novembre 2024, 18:00
Le cours se termine
Dimanche 01 décembre 2024, 15:00

An alternative for Acem meditators who want to practise round-the-clock meditations and have taken part in at least two 3-week advanced deepening retreats.

You can check in from 15:00 and meditate in your own room.

This shorter advanced deepening retreat is for Acem meditators who already have participated in at least two 3-week advanced deepening retreats, but do not currently have the opportunity to go to a 3-week or 16-day retreat. The 9-day retreat includes two round-the-clock meditations, compared to four at 16-day retreats and five at 3-week retreats. While the 3-week and 16-day retreats include a two-day round-the-clock meditation, the 9-day retreat only has one-day round-the-clock meditations.

Advanced deepening retreats presuppose a lifestyle without the use of psychoactive drugs, including cannabis
and psychedelics.

Guidance groups in English and Scandinavian.

Le cours commence
Vendredi 22 novembre 2024, 18:00
Le cours se termine
Dimanche 01 décembre 2024, 15:00


Course fee, including full board and ensuite accommodation in a single room:

Regular fee - NOK 14.050,-.

Full-time student aged 35 years or less - NOK 11.240,-.

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When ordering using the menu and button above, please remember to register the appropriate price alternative before clicking the button. An alternative registration and payment method is described on the practical information page.

Student fee is only available to full-time students aged 35 years or less. Full-time students under 30 years of age can apply for student scholarship.

Retreats with round-the-clock meditations are not recommended for people above 75 years of age, who are asked to consider possible health issues before enrolling.

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Type de cours: 9-day advanced deepening retreat

Le cours est organisé par Acem International School of Meditation

Code du cours: H24511


Ole Gjems-Onstad

Initiator in Acem.

Head of Acem International.

professor emeritus rettsvitenskap