M2 Follow-up course

Type de cours: Second follow-up course M2

This course consists of six sessions. Sometimes the course is over one or two weekends, or it is a drop-in concept where you can attend the sessions (modules) you want.

Aspects pratiques

Le cours commence
Dimanche 20 décembre 2020, 16:00
Le cours se termine
Dimanche 11 avril 2021, 18:30

The goal of the M2 is to contribute to improve your meditation through a deeper understanding of the processes initiated through the practice of Acem meditation, and to better grasp the interactions between the spontaneous activities and the way you repeat the meditation sound.

The M2 consists of the following 5 sessions:

-        Actualization and resistance

-        Sensitivity and flexibility in the way we perform meditation

-        Long meditation 1 ½ hour

-        Metathoughts and psychological processing

-        Personal development

Each session begins with a 30-45 minute group meditation. Afterwards, we will discuss themes arising from your meditation, using this leaflet as a starting point. These discussions will enable you to gain a more personal and comprehensive understanding of the meditation process along with an improved basis for meditation in your daily life. The third session consists of a 1.5 hour long meditation followed by meditation guidance. Long meditations strengthen the meditation process and can help you better understand how you meditate. This is the reason why long meditations should always be followed by guidance. Long meditations may also help coping with everyday stress.


Le cours est organisé par Acem Switzerland